Network Installations and Cabling Services

Network Maintenance & Cable Manufacturing We provide Data & Voice Cabling Services nationwide. Our premise design and installation specialists bring to your project a perfect blend of high technology and old fashioned work ethics and workmanship. We take particular pride in maintaining all our cables and systems. Let our skilled professionals engineer a state-of-the-art network infrastructure so your company can function at maximum efficiency! We are providing complete working solutions to meet and even exceed your requirements. Quality products and quality services is our pledge to you, our customers. It is also the key ingredient that has fueled our growth Read More

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing

We have developed a strong reputation for building high quality custom cables for interconnecting computer and communications hardware across the board. Our Cable Diagram Database contains Millions of cable designs for connecting computers and peripherals on the market today as well as in the past. Just tell us what equipment you are connecting and our engineers will assist you with selecting the right cables from our existing stock, or custom design them for you. Our product line and expertise covers all the following areas and more: Serial, RS232 Parallel Centronics & IEEE-1284 AV Cables RF Cables Coaxial SATA Serial ATA Read More

Professional AV Cables, Home Theater Cables

HDMI, DVI, Component Video, S-Video, RF, Coaxial We have developed a strong reputation for building high quality custom video cables for connecting high end home theater systems. Our video cable database contains hundreds of video cable designs for connecting LCD TVs, Plasma, HDTV and DLP TV set to Home Theater Systems. Just tell us what cable you require for your setup and our engineers will assist you with selecting the right cables from our existing stock, or custom design one for you. Our product line and expertise covers all the following areas and more: AV Cables HDMI DVI Component Video Read More

RF Cable Assemblies – Custom or Standard

Our company can be your source for RF cable assemblies, in an unmatched variety of connectors, whenever you need them and whereever you need them. Most importantly, we have a highly skilled staff who will ensure we meet your custom requirements, on time and on budget. Custom RF cable assemblies are the only cost effective method of transmitting high frequency signals. A variety of radio frequency cables and connectors have been developed to meet specific frequency, power, noise, environmental and mechanical conditions. RF Cable Assemblies – Features by Type Semi-rigid RF cable assemblies hold their form, and minimize stress on Read More

Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber Patch Cords, Fiber Optics Cable Spools & Installation Parts

We provide the largest variety of SingleMode and MultiMode Fiber Optic cables, connectors, fiber installation parts and accessories: Multimode and singlemode bulk fiber Simplex, duplex and multi-fiber ST, FC, SC, MTRJ patch cords / fiber jumpers SMA, BICONIC, FDDI, ESCON, Mini BNC Pigtails, patch cords, hybrids Multi-fiber with pulling eyes MTP Cables and Modules Patch panels Single Mode Fiber Cables – Duplex FC TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD SC TO SC Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD SC TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD ST TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex Read More

Network Parts & Accessories

We have the engineering knowledge and technical expertise to support our customers with the broadest variety of network and installation types: Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, Fast Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (“ATM”). Furthermore, we are skilled at the design and implementation of all wide area technologies and protocols, including Frame Relay and ISDN. We also provide a full line of network parts and accessories to support not only our installation projects but also to provide replacement / upgrade parts for other networks. Ethernet ISA Card 10BaseT HUBs PCI PCMCIA Ethernet Combo Card Couplers Ethernet Adapter LAN Combo Cards BNC Connectors Read More

Network Cabling & Installation Products

We have developed an industry wide reputation for top quality Local and Wide Area Network installations across the country from design to implementation, we make sure that you, our customer end-up with a robust, reliable, and efficient system that will meet your needs both today and for years to come. We install and support a wide variety of products from a variety of manufacturers. This allows us to select for you the equipment that best fits the specific requirements of your network. We can provide the equipment that best fits your specific network requirements , or can work with your Read More

Removing Abandoned Cabling – aka Cable Mining

The National Electrical Code (NEC 2002) requires that all abandoned copper and fiber cable be removed. Literally, miles of cabling left in the ceilings and in the walls from previous network and power installations by previous tenants have accumulated in most of our buildings. These abandoned cables are a source for fueling fire, smoke and lethal toxic fumes that can incapacitate and kill. The Code states “…The accessible portion of abandoned communications cables shall not be permitted to remain..” and that abandoned cables in vertical runs shall not be permitted to remain. These abandoned wires may now render your property Read More

Structured Wiring / Structured Cabling Services

Complete Solutions for Copper & Fiber – Network Design, Installations, Upgrades, Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Re-Location, etc. We offer complete solutions for data and voice structured wiring / cabling systems, such as Copper and Fiber Network Design, Cable Installations, Network Upgrades, Network Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Re-Location, etc.. We use the quality cables and hardware, and the latest networking technologies, so that our LANs make office environments expandable, manageable, and organized. Please see below some of the key services we provide: Network Cable Installations, Wired, Wireless and Hybrid Copper Cable Installations Fiber Optic Cable Installations Coaxial Cable Installations Cable & Wire Installations Read More

Emergency Network Troubleshooting and Restoration

We have established an unparalleled reputation for Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery in the industry. Whether you’ve been hit by lightning, flooded or simply facing a cable cut or a network down, our Emergency Service Team is ready to spring into action. We posses the engineering skills and the equipment to be at your side any place , anytime and help you face anything nature or man can throw at your systems. Please place our Emergency Team phone number and our Emergency E-Mail in a safe place and readily available. With our expert networking credentials and an in-depth background in Read More

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