Structured Wiring / Structured Cabling Services

Complete Solutions for Copper & Fiber – Network Design, Installations, Upgrades, Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Re-Location, etc.

We offer complete solutions for data and voice structured wiring / cabling systems, such as Copper and Fiber Network Design, Cable Installations, Network Upgrades, Network Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Re-Location, etc.. We use the quality cables and hardware, and the latest networking technologies, so that our LANs make office environments expandable, manageable, and organized.

Please see below some of the key services we provide:

  • Network Cable Installations, Wired, Wireless and Hybrid
  • Copper Cable Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Coaxial Cable Installations
  • Cable & Wire Installations for Phone Systems, Security Systems, Alarm Systems, etc.

We are a Network Cable Installation Company you can Trust with any Major Project!
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We also offer high quality products for structured cabling systems:

UTP Patch Cables/Patch Cords – Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Patch Cables and Patch Cords are used to connect two nearby components, such as a PC to a wall outlet, or a patch panel to a hub.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables – Used to connect two nearby components with fiber connectors, these Cables transmit data with light, so you don’t have to worry about electrical interference.

UTP Horizontal Cables – These Cables are made from solid-conductor wires and typically used for in-wall premise installation. We provide high-quality Category 5e and Category 6 horizontal cables.

RJ45 Plugs – RJ45 Plugs are used to make UTP Patch Cables. We carry Plugs with both flat and round entrances, for making flat cables and rounded UTP cables.

Jacks – We offer a vast selection of jacks, so you can complete and customize your networking outlets.

Outlets and Faceplates – Our outlets provide the perfect combination of insert and faceplate features. They are the hardware you need to interface patch and horizontal cables.

Inserts – We carry a full array of inserts for all your networking needs. They snap easily into a faceplate, to make your workspace network-ready.

Patch Panels – We carry a variety of patch panels, featuring from 12 to 96 ports. We provide everything you need to set up a manual switching center for incoming and outgoing telecommunication and electronic lines.

Racks & Cabinets – We offer a wide range of racks and enclosures to store, secure, and organize your data and voice equipment. They help ensure that your devices run effectively and efficiently.

Cable Management – We provide various types of cable Management. From a 19-inch rack-mountable panel for racks and cabinets, to simple cable ties, we have the best ways to keep your network organized and your cables optimally arranged.

Networking Tools, Kits & Testers – Our extensive line of tools includes everything you need to connect a high-performance network.

Raceways – Our Raceway systems protects and conceals networking cables while eliminating the need to run cables behind the wall.

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