Network Parts & Accessories

We have the engineering knowledge and technical expertise to support our customers with the broadest variety of network and installation types: Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, Fast Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (“ATM”). Furthermore, we are skilled at the design and implementation of all wide area technologies and protocols, including Frame Relay and ISDN.

We also provide a full line of network parts and accessories to support not only our installation projects but also to provide replacement / upgrade parts for other networks.

  • Ethernet ISA Card 10BaseT
  • HUBs
  • PCI
  • PCMCIA Ethernet Combo Card Couplers
  • Ethernet Adapter
  • LAN Combo Cards
  • BNC Connectors
  • Gender Changers
  • Laplink Cables
  • Modular Adapters
  • Modular Plugs
  • Mounting Kits
  • Network Print Sharer
  • PCI Ethernet Card
  • RS232 Cables
  • SCSI Cables & Terminators
  • SCSI Port Adapters
  • Serial Cards
  • Switch Boxes
  • Telephone Accessories
  • Tools
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