Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber Patch Cords, Fiber Optics Cable Spools & Installation Parts

We provide the largest variety of SingleMode and MultiMode Fiber Optic cables, connectors, fiber installation parts and accessories:

  • Multimode and singlemode bulk fiber
  • Simplex, duplex and multi-fiber
  • ST, FC, SC, MTRJ patch cords / fiber jumpers
  • Pigtails, patch cords, hybrids
  • Multi-fiber with pulling eyes
  • MTP Cables and Modules
  • Patch panels

Single Mode Fiber Cables – Duplex

  • FC TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD
  • SC TO SC Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD
  • SC TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD
  • ST TO ST Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 Duplex PVC ZIPCORD

Single Mode Fiber Cables – Simplex

  • Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125 SIMPLEX PVC ZIPCORD, ST TO ST

Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable – Fiber Optic Cable Spools, and Fiber Cable Assemblies

  • Indoor/outdoor rated tight buffer cables – Fiber optic flexible cable in Riser and Plenum rated versions
  • Indoor/Outdoor Breakout Cable
  • Corning Cable Systems
  • Indoor Outdoor Dry Loose Tube Cable
  • Loose Tube Fiber Cable
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cable
  • Hybrid & Composite Cable
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cables, simplex, duplex and 1.6mm

Specialty Fiber

  • Medical fiber optics
  • Industrial fiber optics

Fiber Installation Parts

  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Bare Fiber Adapter
  • Fiber Optics Transmitter
  • Fiber Optics Receiver
  • Fiber Optic Attenuator
  • Mating Sleeves
  • Fiber Patch Pane
  • Rack Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Blank Panels
  • Fiber Termination Boxes
  • Fiber Test Instruments

We sell products from manufacturers, such as Siecor Corning, Lucent, AMP and others.


  • Assemblies are made with all industry standard connectors
  • Patch cords are available in standard PC polish, ultra polish or angled polish
  • All cables can be customized to fit any length and pulling-eyes are available
  • Singlemode outside plant multi-fiber assemblies are also available
  • Assemblies can be packaged in individual plastic bags
  • All assemblies are 100% tested and manufactured in a controlled factory environment.
  • All assemblies are 100% guaranteed

We can build your cable assembly precisely to your specified fiber type, cable length and connectors required.

Furthermore, our position in the industry as well as our skill and experience allow us to offer you fast and reliable service at very competitive prices.

Multimode and Single-mode fiber

There are two basic types of fiber: Multimode and Single-mode.

Multimode fiber has a larger core and therefore supports multiple light wave paths. Multimode fiber was the first type of fiber used for data networks and is usually abbreviated with the letters MMF. There are two diameters used with multimode fiber?62.5 micron and 50 micron. Both types have a 125-micron cladding. Multimode fiber is used for distances of typically less than 2 km because, with the support of multiple paths or modes, there is a greater chance that some light traveling down a certain path will arrive later than light traveling directly down the center of the core, causing the remote end to see fading in the light signal.

Multimode Fiber Applications

  • LAN (FDDI, ATM, 10baseF- short haul.)
  • Office Networks
  • Sensors
  • Short distance at moderate speeds

Single-mode fiber (SMF) has a core that supports one path or mode by which light may travel. The core of an SMF is much smaller than the core of an MMF?8.3 or 7.1 microns versus 62.5 or 50 nm. 125 micron cladding surrounds both SMF cores. Lasers are the required light source for SMF, which means that although the cost of SMF is frequently less than that of MMF, the cost of the light source (laser) makes SMF installations cost-prohibitive for short distances. However, single-mode fiber can send high bit rate signals over long distances?beyond 2 km.

Single-mode Fiber Applications

  • WAN
  • Broadband / Telecommunications
  • Long haul
  • Sub-marine
  • National/International Backbone

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