RF Cable Assemblies – Custom or Standard

Our company can be your source for RF cable assemblies, in an unmatched variety of connectors, whenever you need them and whereever you need them. Most importantly, we have a highly skilled staff who will ensure we meet your custom requirements, on time and on budget.

Custom RF cable assemblies are the only cost effective method of transmitting high frequency signals. A variety of radio frequency cables and connectors have been developed to meet specific frequency, power, noise, environmental and mechanical conditions.

RF Cable Assemblies – Features by Type

  • Semi-rigid RF cable assemblies hold their form, and minimize stress on connectors once installed. They have low insertion loss and can achieve very small bend radii.
  • Conformable RF cable assemblies are suitable for applications requiring shaping at the time of installation.
  • Flexible RF cable assemblies offer cost effective solutions for applications requiring lower frequencies and moderate bends.

Custom RF Cable Assembly Applications

  • Hand Held Devices – PDAs, GPS systems & Phones
  • Broadband Data Communications Equipment – Base Station Jumpers & Antenna Feeds
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Video Equipment
  • Other – RFID, Spacecraft, Semiconductor Equipment, Automotive, and Defense Industries.

Other RF Cable Applications:

Communications Site Installations

  • Tower Top Jumpers
  • Inside Shelter/Cabinet Jumpers
  • Microwave Feeder Lines
  • External Antenna Jumpers

OEM Production Assemblies for:

  • Board Level
  • Conformable
  • Test Fixtures and Equipment
  • In-Building
  • Plenum
  • Fire Retardant
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